Database Development

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Developing industrial strength, reliable data systems that will stand the test of time in this ever fast moving world. InfoSystems Technologies is proud of its ability to build and design data base management solutions that are designed to ensure that the information you need to keep your business profitable is always on hand and ready for your use when you need it.

Have you ever had the feeling you are trying to squeeze too much information out of your web system?

Behind every dynamic website is a database and if you consider that up to 90% of all web design companies don�t employ database design specialists and that there are over 1500 web design companies in NZ, then you can see there is potential a lot of very slow websites.

Slow response times represent lost sales opportunities and lost revenue. At the end of the day if you are able to deliver speedy response times then your clients will stay online longer and use your site and the simple maths of that equals more revenue.

And one of the ways of achieving that is by using Effective Data Management system design. That�s where InfoSystems Technologies comes in, BRINGING YOU A SOLUTION TAILORED TO YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS,

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InfoSystems Technologies database experts are just as at home helping you optimize database queries in existing systems as and when you may require.

This includes not only optimising the actual database queries but also ensuring that the database has the correct indexing and keys relevant to ensure fast return of your queries on the database.